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All our hip hop wav samples are 44.1khz/16 bit and can be used with any hardware or software sampler that accepts .wav files (Akai MPC, Triton, MV 8000, Reason, Fruity Loops etc)

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A lot of you have been asking for free hip hop samples (and loops and samples). We don't have pre-made hip hop loops right now but is you want free hip hop samples hit us up and we'll arrange something for you. Just let us know if you want to hear our TR-808 samples (808 kick samples), Dr Dre Samples, Timbaland Samples, Neptune Samples, Motif samples, Fantom samples, Mo Phatt samples and Triton samples.

All of our collections are compatible with Fruity Loops, Reason, Halion Samples, Emagic EXS24, Acid Pro, Sonar, MachFive, Intakt, Kompakt, ProTools, Akai MPC 1000, MPC 2000, MPC 2000xl, Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland Fantom, Roland MV 8000, Yamaha Motif.

You'll be able to work with these hip hop samples in almost any studio because because each hip hop sample collection is made from wav files so, in turn, have Fruity Loops samples, Reason refills, Halion Samples, Emagic EXS24 samples, Acid Pro samples, Sonar samples, MachFive samples, Intakt samples, Kompakt samples, ProTools samples, Akai MPC 1000 samples, MPC 2000 samples, MPC 2000xl samples, ASR-10 samples, Fantom samples, MV 8000 samples, Motif samples & more.