The Timbaland Collection
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The Mo Phatt Collection

The Mo Phatt Collection   $14.99 USD
contains over 1670 WAV samples.

There are no loops, just phatt one hit WAV samples and phatt sample phrases for your production needs. Just load them into any sampler that accepts WAV files and start making music.

Here's the breakdown

  • 1328 Mo Phatt Drum Samples.
  • There are one hit kicks, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, fills, turnarounds and more.

  • 91 Mo Phatt Guitar Samples.
  • There are some good one hit guitar notes as well as some phatt guitar phrases.

  • 79 Mo Phatt horn Samples.
  • There are one hit trumpets, brass bands and phatt horn licks.

  • 79 Mo Phatt vocal samples.
  • There are both male and female vocals. Soul, hip hop, reggae and more.

  • 67 Mo Phat Sample HITS.
  • There are some good Vinyl and FX hits for that underground hip hop sound.

  • 20 Mo Phatt Vinyl Scratches.

  • 13 Mo Phatt Keys Samples.
  • Some good electric piano chords here.


Positive feedback:

"Those so called "industry" TR808 cymbals and hi-hats I've been hearing on verious hip-hop records (particularly the 808 sounds used by the KLC and the former "Beats by the Pound" crew for No Limit Records) didn't actually come directly from a real 808. They are actually TR808 samples found in the Emu-Mo Phatt sound module!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had known this all of these years but now, I've finally found the source of those wonderful 808 drums. I think Emu did a fantastic job on creating the sample set used in the Mo Phatt. Excellent!!!!!!!!! In addition to the 808 collection, I'd recommend everyone to get the Mo Phatt collection!!!!!!!!!!!"
- kvmoore

"I made all the beats on my myspace page with your sounds (except the last beat)"

All samples are 44.1khz/16 bit WAV files for any hardware or software sampler that accepts .wav files (Akai MPC, Triton, MV 8000, Reason, Fruity Loops etc) Download links are emailed to you fast. Pay through paypal and check your email. Sometimes the download link will go into the spam box so check for it there also.